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Commercial kitchens are regulated to have grease traps in their kitchens to catch fats, oils and other solids from the kitchen drain that are produced during cooking. A regular, thorough grease trap cleaning is essential for any kitchen to ensure that there are no blockages in the city sewer lines. Clogged grease traps can harm businesses and pose a possible health risk. Therefore, regular maintenance is very important.

What are grease traps and how do they work?

A grease trap is a type of wastewater treatment device that is attached to the kitchen sink and intercepts greases and other food solids before it in enters the waste water disposal system. As part of environmental regulations, many commercial kitchens and restaurants are mandated to be having some sort of grease interceptors to collect grease before it reaches the sewer lines. When water flows from the kitchen it enters the grease trap. It is here that the heavier solid food particles sink to the bottom while the oil and grease float on the top. From here the grease-free water is then free to flow into the sewer. Depending on the size and scale of the commercial kitchen, there are many different sizes and capacities of grease interceptors that one can purchase. But as with any grease traps, regular maintenance and cleaning is a must. Hiring a grease trap cleaning company is the best solution to your problems.

How do you clean the grease traps in the kitchen?

As mentioned above, there are many differently sized grease traps. With bigger grease traps, the amount of grease trapped is more. Ideally, grease traps must be cleaned once every three months.  As grease traps can be breeding grounds for bacteria, their contents must be emptied regularly. There are special chemicals and cleaning equipment that professionals use to clean your interceptor thoroughly. As this cleaning is a laborious task it is smart to think about employing a commercial grease trap cleaning company to do it for you.

What can be done for a blocked grease trap?

A blocked grease trap can cause many problems in a commercial kitchen. If regular maintenance is not done for your interceptors, they can cause clogged pipes leading to a foul odour and causing water to slowly drain from the sink. In such cases, it is better to call in a professional company that excels in grease trap cleaning services. Trained professionals are the best people to handle a clogged trap.

Reasons to hire a professional cleaning company

Crystal Clean Maintenance has been providing the Maritime Provinces with commercial kitchen cleaning services for decades. They understand the importance of maintenance of the grease traps to prevent bigger problems down the line. Working with a professional and experienced cleaning company has many perks:

  • They are able to customize the cleaning service they provide depending on the size and operation of your kitchen.
  • Fast turnaround time for cleaning services provided so that your business is not  negatively impacted.
  • Can provide budget friendly grease trap services for regular maintenance and cleaning.
  • Minimum stress and effort from your side as they will provide the chemicals, equipment and trained professionals needed to efficiently clean out your grease interceptors.

Importance of grease trap cleaning

In many countries, regular maintenance of the grease traps in commercial kitchens is a government mandated regulation. In order to adhere to strict environmental regulations, a commercial kitchen must invest in the regular cleaning and pumping of their grease traps to prevent any long-term damage to their traps. Not adhering to these rules can attract hefty fines from the government and cause clogs in city sewer lines which can prove to be costly to any business.

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