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Install Grease Traps in Your Commercial Kitchen

Grease traps are used to prevent any type of oils, fats, or greases from entering the main sewer and clogging it. It also ensures that pest infestations and foul odors do not emanate from these sewers. Grease traps are required in all food service industries, school or college canteens, conference centers, resorts, sports venues, and even big residences. You can seek the help of grease trap services provided by Crystal Clean Maintenance to install it in your commercial kitchen.

What Are Grease Traps?

Grease traps have been in existence since Victorian times. They are boxes that are installed within the wastewater drain, so that FOGs or fats, oils, and grease are collected in it and only the wastewater will flow out into the main sewer. Only kitchen wastewater is allowed to flow through the grease traps, and not the wastewater from toilets or other drainage sources. Grease traps are made of stainless steel, plastics, mild steel, and concrete. There are models available for commercial and other purposes. These traps can be located below the ground, above the ground, inside or outside the kitchen. You can use grease trap cleaning services by Crystal Clean Maintenance to remove the collection of FOGs that build up over time.

Regular Maintenance of Grease Traps

A grease trap has the ability to prevent as much as 50 to 90% of the FOGs from entering the main sewer depending upon its efficiency. The design, drainage system, kitchen location, kitchen practices, and size of the grease trap also contributes to its effectiveness. You can have single chamber or multiple chamber units. However, they all need to be cleaned and maintained regularly as the FOGs pile up quickly and can cause the grease trap itself to be blocked or have a backup. Backups can prove to be quite costly especially if you are a busy establishment and that is why grease trap cleaning services by Crystal Clean is so essential.

How Does It Work?

There are baffles within the grease trap that are responsible for slowing down the wastewater as it flows out of the kitchen sinks. This slowing down allows time for separation of oils, food particles, and water within the unit. There is a trap at the outlet point that only allows water to go through and prevents food particles and FOGs from flowing out. Grease traps work on the theory that FOGs are denser than water and will not mix with it but instead will float on top.  You can call Crystal Clean, the grease trap cleaning company to help you get rid of the waste and prevent smelly backups. When waste water backs up, it can sometimes mix with public water supply and cause severe health risks.

Clean Plumbing Units with Cleaning Services

Commercial grease trap cleaning involves the removal of waste from the plumbing unit. You can call Crystal Clean Maintenance to come and evaluate whether a thorough cleaning is required or just a cleaning of the clogged pipes. They are equipped with the necessary tools to remove blockages even in the most difficult to reach places. They will use proven cleaning methods to remove the solidified grime and grease. The waste removed is then disposed of as per state and federal regulations. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your kitchen pest-free.

Adhering To Environmental Controls

FOG management is also necessary to ensure you are adhering to environmental controls. As government legislation are becoming more stringent about environmentally friendly waste management, investing in a quality grease trap management system is a wise decision and will prevent future damaging fines from the government. With regular maintenance from a grease trap cleaning company such as Crystal Clean Maintenance, you can ensure the longevity of your grease trap.  Scraping grease off utensils into the bin rather than throwing it into the sink is a good practice to follow.  Likewise, kitchen staff in commercial kitchens should be taught the right way to handle food waste and grease.

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