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We are a cleaning company whose employees are specially trained in the most modern and effective cleaning techniques with professional grade products. Our staff are also trained in product usage and safety procedures. We work diligently to ensure that all cleaning service plan specs are performed to the highest industry standards.


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Crystal Clean Maintenance offers a comprehensive range of services in order to satisfy our customer's diverse needs.

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“Their team is reliable and friendly!"

"There's no job too big or too small, whatever the need they are there to help!"

Denise McNabb

Plaza Corp.
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“We have used the services of Crystal Clean for several years now and their staff do a great job of keeping our building clean. The work is consistent and they even add a few extra touchs!” They are very obliging whenever we ask for anything extra.”

Debbie Gill

New Brunswick Nurses Union

Why Hire a Cleaning Company?

Whether you have a home or an office, if your budget allows, you must hire a good cleaning company in New Brunswick to do the work for you. Crystal Clean is a family-owned business that provides cleaning services in the Fredericton, NB, area. We are one of the market leaders in commercial and residential cleaning in the area and strive to keep our customers satisfied. Hiring a cleaning company doesn’t make you lazy or unbothered; you’re just hiring a company to get the job done quickly while you use your time attending to things that really matter.

A Cost-Effective Solution

When you hire a cleaning company, you not only save time, but also increase productivity in your daily life. While you have the option to hire a full-time cleaner, it is in your best interest to hire a cleaning company to save money and time. It also eliminates the hassle of having your own full-time employee to do the job.

Peace of Mind

When you hire a professional company in New Brunswick, you have the peace of mind the job will get done quickly and it won’t require any supervision. Crystal Clean works with trained individuals who will get the work done quickly. We also have specialized machines that will give your home or office a splendid look. We use certified products and chemicals to ensure your home or workplace remains safe and clean for as long as possible. We perform background checks on all of our employees to make sure whoever visits your residence or office is trustworthy.

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